Products and Services


Stemming from an experience of construction and development sites and their ongoing need for space for offices, diners, ablutions, coldrooms, classrooms, accommodation and more, Plantwise Developments has partnered with the acclaimed Mobispace team to provide virtually any combination of prefabricated mobile space that clients may need.

Products include small or large units constructed on steel chassis or concrete slabs that comply with the highest quality and safety ratings for the construction industry.

Plantwise Developments is proud of their unbelievably versatile mobile space product for Mobispace. The product is rust resistant, weatherproof and provides a comfortable interior temperature irrespective of the outside environment.

Plantwise Developments and Mobispace will ensure correct unit choice for the application, quality prefabrication and erection on site with all the customized requirements of the clients completed to the last detail, for much less cost to the client than other competitors in the industry.

Space, time and expense saving, Mobispace is the ultimate product for nearly all mobile space requirements.


As an inherent makeup of the Plantwise group of Companie’s ethos, environmental care and preservation thereof means doing something proactive. Plantwise Developments is proud to introduce SupaZorb. SupaZorb is what can be described as a miracle product of ingenious proportions.

SupaZorb is a natural, organic hydrocarbon and chemical absorbent material mixed from Casuarina needles and pine-bark displaying unbelievable absorption and pollutant breakdown properties.

SupaZorb is now acclaimed by scientists and university studies and tests Countrywide and is set to change the way we deal with our environment.

Projects and Applications


Plantwise Developments have ensured success with Mobispace on numerous ventures and continue to provide major construction firms, government and other companies throughout South Africa with a variety of products for:

  • Housing, both private and employees temporary or permanent;
  • Office space, both onsite and as a cost effective edition to existing buildings;
  • Schools, for both admin offices and classrooms;
  • Ablutions, for site workers and employees;
  • Guard huts, for property access points and protection from the elements;
  • Mobile shops, spazas and canteens;
  • Cold rooms, for refrigerated or frozen product for both interior and exterior;
  • Kitchens, both onsite temporary and permanent;
  • Dining halls - management or construction worker environments.

Plantwise Development’s consulting team guarantees to find the best the best fit for their clients’ application and needs.



Plantwise Developments has taken on the marketing, distribution and sales of SupaZorb, the organic material, originally treating pollutants and ensuring the nature heals itself.

This organic material has the ability to clean polluted water, soil and air by ion-exchange, microbiological metabolism and organic reactions. With these benefits of organic material it is possible to use SupaZorb in many different applications to prevent the environment from pollutants or common treatment methods like chemical treatment or disturbing fauna and flora to get these pollutions cleaned up.


Application in the following industries are set to change our environments for the better:

  • Mining - cyanide and other pollutant cleansing in acid mine drainage;
  • Oil producing, consuming and processing plants, oil spill cleansing and soil rehabilitation;
  • Sewerage water - pre-treatment;
  • Odour absorption;
  • Cleaning of chemical polluted water and soil;
  • Heavy metal absorption in Mine Tailing rehabilitation;
  • Landfill leachate cleansing and protection.

Manufacturers, miners and processors should never be without SupaZorb and its unbelievable environmentally friendly and healing properties at every turn.

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