Plants and trees are Tswellapele Nursery’s key focus, a focus that has stood them in high esteem in horticultural circles and with clients alike.

From an all-year-round growing process, Tswellapele Nursery provides a wide range of trees and ground cover germinated from seeds under strict product quality procedures and growing systems. Specializing in indigenous trees and ground covers, Tswellapele Nursery prides itself in its range of Agapanthus, Dietes species and varieties of Ophiopogon grasses.

Tswellapele Nursery grows or stocks 8000 to 10 000 trees on its approximately 10 acres of nursery land at any one time. These are available to both Plantwise’s projects and other clients and landscapers at competitive rates and perfect growing condition.

Alongside ground covers stretching as far as the eye can see, 20, 50, 100 and some 200 litre tree sizes are grown and cared for under strict consistency and uniformity at all times.

Tswellapele Nursery delivers order throughout South Africa on a daily basis.

Quality Assurance

Tswellapele Nursery has undertaken a major quality assurance drive that starts at grass roots level.

Their skill development and training programme follows a strict system of theoretical and physical hands-on guidance in both the running and maintaining of top nursery to all aspects of horticulture with all staff new and experienced.

Tswellapele Nursery follows through after each training session with an ongoing programme of skills development, encouragement and responsibility growth.

Through consistent quality control linked with their training and skills development, their product is always grade 1 class.

Tswellapele Nursery is proud to say that they support and assist other BEE nurseries in infrastructure and horticultural skills at all levels.

Boasting a 1st class infrastructure only means one thing - quality consistency and uniformity at all times across the board.


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