About us

Who we are

Plantwise as a company was established in 1991, and over the years has expanded its capacity in its field as plant broker / exporter and consulting landscaper to include other areas in landscaping design, such as fencing, paving, construction and irrigation, among other products and services, on a large scale.

Where do we come from

Plantwise was created by entrepreneur Jenneth Prinsloo, who realized the need for a professional plant nursery acting as a broker and exporter of plants to a worldwide market. As an award winning qualified landscaper and horticulturalist, she soon expanded the business specialising in landscaping consultancy, construction and developments. Based on a farm and nursery in Krugersdorp outside of Johannesburg, the business has grown to be able to handle massive landscaping, construction and area rehabilitation projects, incorporating a strong core team and a large workforce.

What we do

Now driven as a group of companies, Jenneth and Plantwise can provide a turnkey solution in landscaping design, consultancy and plant & tree provision for these projects. She is also a key provider of mentorship, education and development in the agricultural community for young black entrepreneurs reaching towards goals in the industry. The companies in the fold, pride themselves in eco-friendly and professional products and services in all areas, providing un-matched top quality service, dedication and deliveries on a large or small scale to both private individuals, local and national government and international organizations and locations.

Our Vision

  • To establish a value position to expand into a new market, setting us apart from our competition and identifying the ideal customer for this growth.
  • To establish new revenue streams to make the business more profitable and keeping up to date with the competition especially focusing on our strengths.
  • To hire motivated and efficient staff and smooth out business inefficiencies.

Our Mission

To build and deliver quality products for the landscape construction and greening industry at affordable prices. We will exceed our client’s expectations, through the involvement of all our employees who we expect to act with complete integrity and respect.

Aims and Objectives

To always think creative – brainstorming to create new worthwhile ideas. Work  creatively with others, being open and responsive. 

We view failure as an opportunity to learn and demonstrate originality and incorporate group input. We act on creative ideas to ensure they make a tangible and useful contribution

Core Values:


Efficiently using labour and materials to support a profitable and productive company. Profitability promotes job creation, stability and company growth while providing employees the opportunity to provide for their families.


Inspiring one another to achieve our company vision by demonstrating dedication, initiative and direction while maintaining a positive attitude.


The attitude of an organization defines its culture and it permeates through everything that goes on. Successful people have a habit of having a good attitude. A good attitude not only affects your results, but it also affects those around you as you achieve those results.


It is a sign of order and discipline.


Creating great work relationships and a productive work environment through respect, appreciation and open communication.


We not only teach, but we learn from others. We grow together.


Integrity is indispensable to our mission. We act with honesty and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values and principles through our personal and professional behaviour.


Ensuring the health and safety of employees and going beyond the legal requirements to provide an accident-free workplace.


We constantly set and achieve high standards in our pursuit of excellence, as we continue to improve our quality and reputation.

2019 SALI Awards won